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Cover Letter

Greetings and Salutations ,

My name is Brett Segal.  I’m writing to offer my services to WSKY.  If you’ll take a moment to review my electronic press kit, I believe you will conclude that I can serve as the Swiss Army Knife of the WSKY team.  I have extensive experience as a talk radio (substitute) host and podcaster as well as 15 years of experience as an audio technician, sound designer, music/video producer and voice actor.  

In the realm of Conservative Talk Radio, I have a talent for distilling complex political issues into simple terms that are perfect for a diverse radio audience.  I am acutely aware of current events and political/cultural trends. Further, I have combined my audio chops and my education in politics and culture into a broad band of skills that make me valuable to any radio station, on or off the air – in front of or behind the microphone.  I’m willing and able to prove myself in whatever capacity WSKY needs me.  

Feel free to e-mail or call if you have any questions about my experience.

Thank You and Kind Regards,

Brett Segal


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John Martin - ‭(352) 222-3793‬

Ward Scott Files - ‭(352) 339-0337‬

Kevin Jackson - ‭(314) 308-2147‬

Professional Skills & Samples

• TV / Radio / Podcast

• Radio Marketing • Radio Imaging • Voice Acting • Dialects and Characters • Sketch Comedy • Political Music

Writer, Producer, Actor, Editor

Writer, Producer, Voice Actor, Composer

Writer, Producer, Sound Designer, Editor

All Voice Acting by Brett Segal

All Voice Acting by Brett Segal

Writer, Producer, Singer, Drums, Keys

Voice Actor

• Man On the Street

All videos produced by Brett Segal

• Corporate / Commercial Branding • Sizzle Reels • Movie Trailers • PSA’s

Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Mixer

Sound Designer, Audio Editor, Mixer

Composer, Sound Designer, Mixer

Composer, Mixer

Writer, Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Mixer

Writer, Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Mixer

Producer, Composer

Writer, Producer, Composer

Writer, Producer, Composer, Mixer

• Music / Video Production (Songwriting)

Writer, Music / Video Producer, Vocalist, Composer

Music Producer, Drummer

Writer, Music Producer

Music Producer

Music / Video Producer, Singer

• Sound Design And Sound Effects

All Sound Design, Sound Effects and Mixing by Brett Segal

• SongWriting / Production (Fundraisers)

• Interviews

• Music Supervisor and Composer (Bleeding Blue)

• Music Supervisor and Composer (Charlie, Trevor And A Girl Savannah)